Senior Engineer of Flight Control System


1. Responsible for aircraftdynamics model modeling and model parameter optimization according to modelingspecifications:

2. Responsible for compiling modeltest cases;

3. Responsible for compilingautomated test scripts;

4. Responsible for unit testing,integration testing;

5. Responsible for the preparationof relevant design reports, analysis reports, test reports and other technicaldocuments.


1. More than 3 years workingexperience in aircraft digital modeling, experience in semi-physical simulationsystem and tonnage UAV is preferred;

2. Master degree or above, majorin aircraft design/helicopter design, outstanding ability can be relaxed tobachelor's degree;

3. Proficient in flight mechanics,aerodynamics, model parameter identification and other related knowledge;

4. Proficient in using modeling and simulation software;

5. Good skills of English readingand comprehension;

6. Good communication skills,logical thinking skills, analysis and summary skills and oral and writtenexpression skills;

7. Good self-motivation andsubjective initiative, able to adapt to certain work pressure.

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